At Kamahi Cottage we care about our environment

We are farmers,  landowners and caretakers of the land.  More than 700 acres of native forest have been legally protected on the family farms. The protected trees have been fenced to stop grazing animals from eating regenerating plants.

We control predators (rats, weasels, stoats, possums and wild cats) which threaten our native forests and wildlife. The garden is also  planted to attract native birds such as tui, bellbirds and kereru (native pigeons).

Silver eye or wax eye bird NZ
Silvereye / Wax-eye (Tauhau) bird

Environmental  practices  to reduce our carbon footprint

  • We have installed solar-powered hot water.

  • The Cottage was built from locally sourced, untreated and renewable timber.

  • We collect and recycle all glass, paper, tins and plastic containers.

  • Bottled water isn’t stocked, because we have excellent drinking water delivered by a solar-powered pump. It’s also UV treated and micro-filtered for your safety.

  • We dry our laundry in the open air whenever possible to save energy.

  • Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly.

  • We shop locally to support our small town businesses.

  • We use an electric vehicle (EV) for everyday travel.

  • Our orchard supplies unsprayed fruit in season. All conserves are home-grown. We use as little pre-processed food as possible. (Evan  distills windfall plums to produce superb plum schnapps.)

  • Menus are planned  with seasonal cuisine in mind, because food is best eaten fresh.

  • Try our cakes and biscuits – they’re all home-made too.

  • We live on a beautiful farm (1120 acres; approximately 450 hectares). You’re very welcome to walk over the family farm.


You can help too!

  • We recycle glass, plastic, paper, tin and aluminium waste.

  • Consider reusing your towels for a second day to save water.

  • Drink our UV treated, filtered water instead of buying bottled water. We supply  re-useable water bottles to fill with our fresh water.

  • Please save water – turn off the tap while brushing your teeth and shorten your showering time.

  • For any local supermarket shopping, please take the green ‘enviro’ shopping bags supplied to save using plastic bags.

  • Visit the Otorohanga Kiwi House. It was established in 1971 to protect our native birds and reptiles.
    (You might like to take out an Annual Membership to help support its conservation work).

Book online today and look forward to a relaxing stay with us