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French toast with berries and cream

Fresh baked bread

Swiss plaited bread

Caramel biscuits

Homemade chocolate chip cookies

Really big meringue

Baked eggs with creamy mustard sauce

Freshly baked plum flan

Orange chocolate cake

Lemon silk tart

Lemon cake

Indian lime and coconut soup

Grilled pizza-style polenta wedges

Ginger Sesame-glazed New Zealand salmon

Chocolate fudge & fruit slice

Berry filled breakfast crepes

Breakfast waffles, strawberries,cream & maple syrup

Banana cake with almond topping

Apple cake

Salmon with a creamy lemon basil sauce

Mini lemon cheesecake dessert

Breakfast waffles with berries & cream

Fresh muffin, fruit and plum syrup

Chilli coriander chicken

Orange fudge cake served with berries and cream

Pear bacon and blue cheese salad

Queen’s souffle

Soft meringue roll

Chocolate chip cookies

Crepes, plum compote & cream

French toast, poached plums & whipped cream

Homemade scones, berry compote and cream

Homemade waffles, bacon, banana, cream & maple syrup

Lemon infused breakfast pancakes, berries & fresh cream

Swiss-style cheese quiche

Antipasti platter – Kamahi Cottage

Bacon, poached eggs & slow-roasted spiced tomatoes

Baked egg with creamy mustard sauce

Breakfast omelette – bacon, cheese & fresh herbs

Breakfast omelette – mushroom, cheese & fresh herbs

Camembert topped with toffee, fruit & nuts

Chicken Maryland, blue grapes & Pinot Noir jus

Green-lipped mussels, Thai-style dressing & flower pot bread

Grilled salmon, sesame & ginger glaze with coconut rice

Prawn, peach & cashew salad – Kamahi Cottage

Roasted pear, bacon & halloumi salad