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Soft Meringue & Cream Roll

Yields4 ServingsPrep Time10 minsCook Time15 minsTotal Time25 mins

A luscious, soft meringue dessert - whip up the meringue base, bake for 15 minutes, fill with fresh berries and cream and roll it up - dessert is ready.

Soft meringue roll with strawberries and creamberries and

 4 egg whites
 1 cup caster sugar
 1 tsp vanilla essence
 1 tsp vinegar
 1 tbsp cornflour
 300 ml whipping cream
 fresh berries (strawberries, rasperries, blueberries etc.)

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C.


Line a 30 cm x 25 cm baking dish with baking paper.


Beat egg whites at high speed till stiff peaks appear.


Gradually add the sugar and beat continuously until the sugar dissolves.


Fold in vanilla essence, vinegar and cornflour. The meringue should be smooth and glossy.


Carefully spread the meringue in the baking tin and smooth the top
Bake for 15 minutes in the preheated oven.


Place a fresh piece of baking paper on a smooth surface and sprinkle it with icing sugar.


Remove the baked meringue from the oven. Turn onto the sugared baking paper.
Leave to cool and peel off the original baking paper.


Spread freshly whipped cream over the meringue, top with berries or thinly sliced mango and roll up carefully along the longest edge.


Top with any left-over whipped cream and decorate with extra fruit.
Refrigerate until ready to serve.

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