Things to do while you’re at Kamahi Cottage

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Action & Adventure


Lost World Tour (4 hours)

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(30 minute drive from Kamahi Cottage)

Slowly abseil (rappel) 100 metres into the ‘Lost World’, secured to your guide abseiling alongside. After the half hour descent, you return to the surface though another spectacular dry cavern.


Lost World Tour (7 hours)

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(30 minute drive from Kamahi Cottage)

The Ultimate Adventure – 100-metre abseil into the surreal Lost World cavern followed by lunch underground. Then it’s upstream – walking, swimming and climbing through cathedral-size vaults with waterfalls, ancient whalebones and oyster fossils, plus magnificent glowworms.


St Benedict’s Caverns

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(30 minute drive from Kamahi Cottage)

St Benedict’s includes 2 abseils and a spectacular underground flying fox. It’s regarded by many as NZ’s prettiest cave. A relatively gentle and dry trip, not too cold or wet, but lots of activity and fun.


The Legendary Black Water Rafting Co.

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(30 minute drive from Kamahi Cottage)

Cave tubing or black water rafting is a uniquely New Zealand experience involving the use of an inflated rubber inner tube to weave, jump and gently float your way through the Ruakuri Cave.

At a relaxed pace

Golden evening along Barber Road, near Kamahi Cottage

Kamahi farm walks

> View our farm walking trails here

(Free attraction)

Step of Kamahi Cottage’s doorstep and choose one of the walking trails across our beautiful hilltop farm.

Garden walk at Kamahi Cottage

Kamahi gardens

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(Free attraction)

Kamahi has 3 acres of landscaped gardens with panoramic views, BBQ facilities and lots of space for children to run and play.


Farm tour

($50 per tour – subject to Evan’s availability)

Take a scenic farm tour and drive through our family farm with Evan as your guide. August to October are the months for new-born lambs.


Trout fishing

> Comprehensive information about Waipa River trout fishing

(Fishing season is October to June)

We can advise you about great spots for trout fishing in our local Waipa River.


Otorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird Park

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(15 minute drive from Kamahi Cottage)

See NZ’s iconic kiwi birds, plus daily keeper talks and feeding displays (kiwi, kea, kaka, kakariki and longfin eels). There’s a great range of native birds and reptiles in a peaceful park setting.


Otorohanga township

(15 minute drive from Kamahi Cottage)

New Zealand’s official Kiwiana Town “(often called ‘Oto’ by locals) is a friendly, easy-going farming community and the perfect example of the Kiwi icon that is the one street town. Decorated with murals and displays of other Kiwiana, including the All Blacks, sheep, Maori carvings, gumboots, Anchor butter and pavlova.” (Lonely Planet 2006). Great shopping, food and freshly roasted coffees at the Origin Coffee Company in the restored Railway Station.


Ed Hillary Walkway

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(15 minute drive from Kamahi Cottage)

(Free attraction)

A ‘gallery’ of Kiwiana displays showcasing NZ’s popular culture, history, heroes and icons. A great free attraction right in Otorohanga’s main street.


Waitomo Golf & Country Club

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(20 minute drive from Kamahi Cottage)

The Waitomo Golf Course (par 72) off State Highway 3 welcomes visitors. To check availability phone: 07 873 7978.


Ruakuri Cave

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(30 minute drive from Kamahi Cottage)

Enter the unique ‘Drum Entrance’ and descend via a breathtaking spiral walkway on a 1.6 kilometre guided tour. Ruakuri is New Zealand’s longest underground guided walking tour.


Ruakuri Scenic Reserve walk

Learn about this walk

(35 minute drive from Kamahi Cottage)

(Free attraction)


Spellbound Glowworm Cave

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(30 minute drive from Kamahi Cottage)

A 3-hour tour of 2 caves: the glowworm paradise of the Spellbound Cave (Mangawhitikau) plus Te Ana o te Atua (the Cave of the Spirit). Includes a boat ride under a cave ceiling studded with glowworms. Safe, friendly, informative and suitable for all ages.


Waitomo Glowworm Caves

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(30 minute drive from Kamahi Cottage)

Waitomo’s original and world famous glowworm experience. A 45-minute guided tour through over 250 metres of stunning underground scenery ending with a boat trip through the spectacular Glowworm Grotto.


Mangapohue Natural Bridge

(1 hour drive from Kamahi Cottage)

(Free attraction)

A beautiful walk 24 kilometres past Waitomo Caves Village on Te Anga Road (State Highway 37). The 17-metre high limestone arch, which spans the Mangapohue Stream, is all that remains of an ancient cave system.


Piripiri Cave

(1 hour drive from Kamahi Cottage)

(Free attraction)

4 kilometres past the Mangapohue Natural Bridge off State Highway 37. The cave is not operated commercially, so you will need a torch and good boots, as the cave floor is slippery.


Marokopa Falls

(1 hour drive from Kamahi Cottage)

(Free attraction)

Just a 20-minute return walk to the spectacular 36-metre waterfall, 2 kilometres past the Piripiri Cave off State Highway 37. The Marokopa Falls are among the most beautiful in the country. Don’t forget your camera!


Kawhia and Aotea

On the beautiful West Coast

(1 hour drive from Kamahi Cottage via State Highway 31 from Otorohanga)

(Free attraction)

Fabulous scenery, dramatic black-iron sand beaches, fishing, boat trips and the amazing Hot Water Beach (Te Puia Hot Springs) on Kawhia’s Ocean Beach. Go at low tide – we’ll give you a spade to dig your own hot pool!

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